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Central Mexico where the Valle de Bravo is situated has basically two weather seasons. Dry season (winter time, high pressure) and rainy season when the tropical convergence comes more north so we have LOW pressure system all the time. When does it come and when does it go depends a lot of El Nino and La Nina effect. Normally the years with less rain have more windy winter and vice versa.

Valle de Bravo is known for being not only a good place to fly but also for its consistency of many good and reliable flyable days. The best flying season for paragliding in Valle de Bravo starts on January and it goes until May when the rainy season starts. Rainy days are also flyable for a few hours, just don´t expect the best XC conditions. Rain season ends in September and from then to December days are usually very mellow and nice to fly perfect conditions for students, beginners or just relax flying. 

Basically we have 330 flyable days during the year and from November to May almost every day is flyable. 


  • October is humid with low cloud base. 
  • November is mild and still humid but the cloud base is getting higher.
  • December is mild but good for beginners of XC. Afternoon flights are also possible.
  • January gets good. High cloud base. No rain. Afternoon flights are possible.
  • February is stronger with moderate winds. Afternoon flights are possible.
  • March is windy and strong. Afternoon flights are possible.
  • April the winds are weaker but the thermals are stronger. Afternoon flights are possible.
  • May has less wind, more strong with chance of overdevelopment.
  • JuneOctober is with afternoon thunderstorms and the rain can sometimes last whole day. Normally we fly in the morning from 9:00 – 14:00.

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