Payment options


The entry fees before 1.12.2017 is as follows:

  1. Competition fee with all transport included per pilot + lectures 200 USD
  • Afternoon lectures 50 USD per pilot out of competition
    *after 1.12.2017 all the fees per pilot are incremented by 20%



  1. Live tracking option / scoring software 
  2. Use of takeoff but with no preference
  3. Weather briefings
  4. Transport to the takeoff 
  5. Retrieval as much as posible
  6. Snack / Water package
  7. T-Shirt :-)
  8. Club Fee ONLY during the event (


Payment options



Bank transfer for Mexican citizens

Banco: IXE
CLABE: 072180002890256512
No. Cuenta: 0289025651
No. Tarjeta: 4334540108907274
Titular: Marko Hrgetic

Bank transfer for EU/USA citizens

Marko Hrgetic
Banka Koper d.d. (Slovenia)
IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 0875 719
Swift: BAKOSI2x
Account number: 10100-0050875719

Bank adresss: 
Pristaniška ulica 14
6502 Koper, Slovenia
Tel. 05 66 61 000


1. What are the longest flights flown in Valle de Bravo?
The longest flights are triangles around 140km. The days during the winter time are not long so we have aroung 5h of usable time to make the flight. Most likely you will never fly longer than 5h.

2. Can I make wire transference to pay the starting fee?
Yes. You can find the bank information at Information page.

3. Is there a refund?

  • 75 % refund until 60 days before the competition starts.
  • 60 - 30 days 50% refund is applied
  • 30 days or less there is no refund.

4. If I come alone, how do I choose my team?

We can help you getting your team. We will publish names of the pilots that still don’t have a team and you can organize. In case of late registry we can assign you team pilots.

5. Can I fly alone my XC task?

Yes of course. If you don’t want to be part of any team, just let us know and you will compete in just individual. This can’t be changed when the first day starts.

6. How do you decide which flight is FAI, out and return or 5 TP?
The scoring is made automatically by XC Globe server and the organizer can’t affect the results in any manner.

7. Why the competition is not FAI Cat 2 Sanctioned?
We are using new formula for scoring and like that we can’t participate in FAI scoring. Anyways this is XC competition :-)

8. How is SFC defined?
SFC is a defined cylinder that is big enough to provide safe landings even behind the takeoff. Also it gives finish a bit more interesting.

9. If my tracker did not work, how can I upload my flight?
You can upload it either on XC Globe Server directly (must have G-record) or you can come to the HQ.

10. How can I file a complaint?
Please write a written complaint to the organizer explaining what the issues are. The complaint is free of charge. Your complaint will be checked by Meet Director and published.

11. Can I change the glider during the completion?
Yes but it has penalty. Please check the rules.

12. If I don’t pay the retrieval and I land far, who can pick me up?
In that case you will have to take the taxi or ask local people to bring you close to the SFC and we pick you up. In case that you really can’t get the transport we will send someone to pick you up but it will depend on the availability of the drivers so dont count on it.

13. Can I make two flights in a day?
If you already went out of SFC that you will not be scored for the second flight. If you landed inside of SFC without going out, you can relounch and your second flight will be scored.

14. Will there be open distance flights?
Just exceptionally in case that the flight can’t be done safely to make return flight, organizer can propose open distance. Valle de Bravo is known for good conditions for out and returns flights so open distance is very unlikely to happen.

15. Why you don’t make open distance task?
Normally the flights that you would fly downwind would take you to the airspace of Toluca Airport. Other directions can also be hard for retrieval and your safety.
The area that you will fly is good, safe and challenging for triangle flights.

16. What is the height restriction?
There is no restriction up to 4700m ASL and or 900m AGL. The airspace you can download at information page.

17.  Do we need to use Waypoints?
No, but it is recommended to download and have local waypoints especially for official landing.

18. How much does the taxi cost in Valle de Bravo?
Valle de Bravo - Takeoff 10 USD (fits three pilots)
In general in all the area the taxi should never cost more than 25USD even if you are far. Ask before how much is the ride!!!

19.  Do I have to land in SFC to not get negative points?
No, you can also land in the official landing zones. In that case you will not be penalized with negative points if you flew through SFC or the negative points will be the distance from the start t your closes last point.

20. Why EN-A has a handicap factor of 1.5 and not 1.4?
We want to encourage young pilots flying EN-A gliders to compete and make XC flights.

21. Wht does the FAI traingle has handicap of 1.6 and not 1.4?
We want to reward pilots that make risks flying outside of famous convergence line and also not to have people marking the ways for ther pilots.

22. Why will I get negative points if I pass through SFC but not land there or in oficial landing?
We want you to be safe! If you made SFC you can land inside of SFC like Penitas.

23. Why will I get negative points if I land in oficial landing but not in SFC?
The track to be completed must have last point in the SFC before going to oficical landing.

24. Will there be official score keeper?
In those therms no. You will be able to upload your flight directly to the server if yout live tracking did not do it automaticaly. You will be tired and the last thing we want is to have you in a que.

25. Which live trackers you will use?
We will be using FlyMe on android devices.



markowebMarko Hrgetic (CRO-MEX) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
APPI Master Instructor #14372
APPI XC and SIV instructor
CCAA Instructor

Member of: APPI Disciplinary Comity and Representative for Mexico


  • 1st day - Pilots attitude and safety
  • 2nd day - Use of instruments on XC
  • 3rd day XC tips for performance flying
  • 4th day Weather tools
  • 5th day XC performance tips