trofeoXCSKYRACE competition is scored in categories:

  1. Team (Four pilots)

  2. Team (National) min 5 teams (National pilots are the ones living in Mexico)

  3. Individual (Overall)


We will be also giving small prizes for:

  • Longest flight (by km)

  • Most valuable flight (by points)

  • Fastest overall average speed for each category EN-A,B,C,D,CCC


There will be no money prizes.


Teams (four pilot) 

1st  place: 2 x Oudie 4 sponsored by NAVITER

2nd place 2 x SKYDROP instrument sponsored by SKYBEAN

3rd  place 4 x Windmeter




1st place:  Oudie 4

2nd place: SkyDrop Vario

3rd place:  not defined yet / searching for sponsor